From Golf Carts to Golf Cars

Many people love the look of the original golf cart or golf buddy. Being an open type and a small vehicle, it is comfortable to use and maneuver even in slightly hilly areas. At golf courses, they have served golfers very well.

Through the years, these golf carts have evolved and some of you may even be surprised to know that there are carts that look like the real cars these days. They’re still small in size but have the all-weather body of a regular car and they are able to accommodate more than two passengers now and are available in various designs.

And what’s great about this type of vehicle is they run with the help of electricity and not by gas. This means that it utilizes a battery pack that can be charged by electricity. As such, it becomes an environment friendly vehicle that not only reduces carbon emissions but reduces maintenance and repair costs as well moving forward.

Golf cars were originally powered by electricity but eventually, the gas-powered types also came about. Fortunately with the focus on a green lifestyle these days, the goal of many car manufacturers is to provide more electric golf cars that will help preserve the environment going into the future.

Various car manufacturers and even the hobbyists have been encouraged to create their own electric models as their way of contributing to the preservation of the environment. For years now, electric cars have been introduced into the market attracting vehicle owners as well who would like to use eco-friendly cars for a change. In fact, a growing number of private citizens, whether they’re into golf or not, confirm the value of these golf carts.

A positive sign as well is the use of advanced battery and battery charging technology to enable these golf cars to become more efficient. For example, other than charging the battery pack through an electrical outlet, solar panels can be used. Through these solar panels, vehicle owners are doing more good to the environment as they’re utilizing renewable energy coming from the sun to power their cars.

In terms of price, it depends on whether you’re getting a brand new cart or a used one. The used golf car normally costs half the price of a new one which means great savings for the owner particularly those who prefer the electric type.

It is also recommended for the owner to get a specific golf cart insurance policy for your protection. There have been accidents in the past involving this small electric vehicle and some were unaware that their homeowner’s insurance does not actually cover this type of vehicle. The accidents that occurred involving these carts were a result of negligent behavior on the part of the owner or the passenger.

The future is bright for these electric golf cars and carts and when the time comes that the number of this type of vehicles are running the streets, people can be assured of a healthier environment for them and their families.

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